As the Body Succumbs to the Summer Fire

Summer Blues or Summer Fun?

The moment you hear the word summer, you think of day-long blue skies, sandy beaches and beach shorts, trunks and bikinis. As the scorching heat rolls in, it is time to shed those extra layers and have fun in the sun, corny as it may sound.

But going unprepared into summer can make you feel uncomfortable about shedding those extra layers. So it is better to get fit months before summer, and showcase a fit body as you frolic in the sea, go water-gliding, attend nighttime bonfires and scuba dive in the sea to look at corals and fish habitats.

There are so many ways to motivate oneself. Instead of a vigorous workout and crash dieting before summer, it is better to ease into the body-prep, initially with less vigorous activities, and then slowly building up your stamina, to keep your good habits going, instead of getting into a crash and burn situation.

Get Fit - the Right way

There are so many options available to get fit the right way.

Think of the various running, strengthening, yoga, dieting apps available in Google Play, like Runtastic, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Seven Minutes, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), 10k, Calorie Counter, Myfitness Pal and such, that you can install into your smart-phone. They are easily accessible and easy to comprehend through your smart-phone.

If that doesn’t appeal to a person, then it is not the end of the world. Think of the local gym near your house. Think of the Zumba class next to your workplace, or the hot yoga or mixed-martial arts class in the vicinity of you. They offer a variation of exercise methods and patterns. The human factor in the mix, can be quite daunting at first because you might feel ashamed to show your unfit body to other people, but they will ultimately help you to achieve your fitness goals. Fitness classes in Baulkham Hills can be one-on-one classes, group classes, disability fitness programs as well as corporate fitness programs. The human factor in the mix often goes unnoticed, but it is one of the most important elements of shedding those extra pounds, for optimum athletic and physical performance, and for pure and abundant fun. So people need friends and family who would encourage them on their fitness journey, and proper trainers to teach them the right way to exercise and diet.

Make it a Habit, not a Chore

If exercise becomes a chore, you will eventually come to hate it. So it needs to be a productive and entertaining project. So start getting ready for summer now. Get your motivation on, and welcome summer with a great body and a big smile on your face.